Why Do Some Mother Dogs Eat Their Puppies? Understanding the Intricacies of Canine Maternal Instincts

Why Do Some Mother Dogs Eat Their Puppies

Likewise, this behavior is seen in some dogs though seldom, but the following are a few possible reasons why this behavior is displayed. It might result from ill health or stress or may be characterized by a lack of nurturing capacity. In other cases, it seems to be inherited from blood relatives.

In some individuals, however, it might be caused by chemical or hormonal factors. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this kind of behavior is NON-common among the dogs and the majority of mothers would always ensure that their puppies are well taken care of.

If you find yourself wondering if the mother dog is making the right moves with the floater-pups, do well to consult a vet or a pet behavioral expert for professional opinions.

Are there any other reasons why a mother dog might eat her puppies?

Occasionally, when being disturbed by a stranger, mother dogs will kill their puppies but do not eat them. Only mama and papa dogs who are not the owners will not cage them and eat instead.

  • The tiresome scenario: The dam of reproduction for dogs is large. Mother dogs can give birth to litters which range from 4 to 8 with a space of one to half-hour intervals. A mom may set some weak puppies to be killed when they notice it is not only unhealthy but affects the health of their other puppies. They dig through their thighs and also bury their calves. They will never feed on canine meat, so to say.
  • Stranger dog scenario: If a new dog brings about stray dogs then, it kills them because of food shortage insecurity because of that. Those people think an increase in the number of litters will be a cause of potential future food shortage supply. The stray dog works hard just to search for food. As with human beings, they also worry about getting enough food to eat! At times they nibble them, if they go a long time feeling famished.

Is there any way to prevent a mother dog from eating her puppies:

This is the critical aspect of the behavioral process and the necessary information is extremely rare. But if you find yourself worried about a puppy being caught by her mother’s dog, you may need to focus on the safety of the puppies. 

If you’re concerned, you might want to ask a vet or a handy animal behaviorist. They will be able to determine how appropriate service is and what strategies will be most helpful concerning the safety of the puppies and the mother dog.

Are there any ways to reduce stress in mother dogs?

There Are several methods to assist in reducing stress in mother dogs. A quiet environment that will calm the mother of her dogs as well as be a quiet environment for puppies is important. Keep the volumes of the tools and noise to the lowest possible level. Rule this out for the mother dog by giving her a comfortable and safe place, where she can go to rest and take things easy. 

The other key factor to discuss is the requirement for giving her clean water and a plentiful and quality diet that will support her growth. The two like mental exercises and physical workouts as well, can be a good alternative for lessening stress. If the signs of stress in the mother dog including excessive puffing or restlessness are discovered, the next step should be to see a veterinarian for further advice.

Final Thoughts:

Health Issues: Animals with health issues associated with their actor and mental well-being can not always predictably demonstrate its social status. Environmental Stress: Stressful being performed towards a mothering dog, using the wrong way, may result in their injuring the puppies.


What could cause a mother dog to harm or eat her puppies?

If a bitch dog is harming or eating her puppies, it can be a result of defects in the puppies that were already present at birth, a stressful environment, or the non-breeding instinct of the mother that the puppies are not well-developed. At other times, the new and less experienced ones may not know that they can easily injure their puppies while correcting them.

Is it common for male dogs to show aggression towards their offspring?

Some males can be very irritable whereas the latter is hardly common. It is normally a character seen in middle-aged stray males, who are un-castrated or are living in stressful environments.

How can I tell if my dog has harmed one of her puppies?

The signs of the puppy being hurt by a mother dog can be identified on the puppy through visible injuries, the mother dog either avoiding or being confrontational with her puppy, or occasionally the mother dog exhibiting frantic behavior which is directed at her litter of puppies.

What should I do if I find that a puppy has died in the litter?

If you find a dead puppy, withdraw it from the rest of the lambs immediately in order to prevent them from getting sick or feeling stressed. It is also good to leave the mother alone. Next, seek help from a vet to determine the issue at hand and ask that he/she take steps to save the remaining pups and mother dog.

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