Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Dog Breed Guide

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Dog Breed Guide

The Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd mix also known as the Australian Pyrenees is a popular crossbreed that combines the Australian Shepherd’s herding intelligence with alertness and guarding skills. This well-designed dog breed inherits the wonderful traits of its parents, making it a versatile and adaptable companion that will rock your world.

The Australian Great Pyrenees has a double coat that requires professional grooming to maintain its health and appearance.  These fur babies are full of life and energy. So keep your fur entertained and active to avoid “behaving in bad situations.  Proper training is essential to prevent potential “bad dog” moments.

Australian Pyrenees are prone to some health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia as well as skin and eye problems. Therefore it is important to get a dog from a reputable breeder who performs the appropriate health tests and places great emphasis on genetic health in his breeding program. Because

Australian Pyrenees dogs are intelligent, protective, and perfect family pets, they can provide mental and physical exercise, as well as quality exercise and quiet time. This type is suitable for active families.

History of Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix:

Australian Pyrenees

The origin and history of the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix is ​​not well recorded. So, while it is clear that the dogs are a mix of two breeds, no one knows for sure where they came from or where they came from.

 However, you should remember that it is necessary to study the records of the Great Pyrenees and Australia as a starting point. Starting with the Australian Shepherd, one would think that this breed originated in Australia. But unfortunately not. It comes from California and western Spain. Also, Australia was originally built for animal husbandry and conservation.

 Their intelligence and ability to train, as well as their loyalty and desire to protect the herd, enable them to accomplish these tasks. Currently, the Great Pyrenees is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Records about it date back to 1800 BC when it was used as a guard dog in the mountains near the French-Spanish border.

 In the past, many families could not find the Great Pyrenees. Farmers and shepherds have many of these dogs. They often have a lot of energy and patience so they are good working dogs.

All in all, you can safely conclude that the transition between these two types was made with good intentions. The Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix is ​​all about bringing out their best qualities and combining them into a great puppy.

Some Quick Facts about Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix:

  •  They are Great Protectors
  •  They Need a Lot of Exercise

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Dog Breed Overview & Appearance:

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

Being a mixed breed, the outcome of the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix is ​​difficult to predict. Physical characteristics are always determined by the dominant genes inherited from their parents. Some of the breed’s genes only show up in adulthood, so the Australian Great Pyrenees may initially look like one of its parents when young but as one at a growing age.

As adults, Australian Pyrenees develop a strong and muscular body frame. This size is beneficial because this style is designed for running and working. However, because of the double coat that the Great Pyrenees have, you won’t be able to see their muscles as they are hidden under the long fur.

The coat of the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix comes in many colors such as white, cream, tan, chocolate, and combinations of two and three of these colors. If they inherit the Great Pyrenees genes, the coat will be mostly white, but if they follow the Australian Shepherd, they will be multi-colored or white with marbled patches in the coat.

In terms of facial features, the Australian Pyrenees inherit the fluffy ears and medium-sized nose of its parent. His eyes turned black. However, it may have rare blue eyes like the Australian Shepherd. 

It’s not unusual for an Australian Shepherd to have one blue eye and one black eye, so you’ll also see it in the Australian Pyrenees mix. Whether your pup inherits Great Pyrenees or Australian Shepherd parents, he’s sure to impress with his sturdy build and long, stylish coat.

Height18-32 inches
Weight40–110 pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 Years
TemperamentPatient, hardworking, high-spirited, affectionate, vigilant, devoted
Litter Sizeto  puppies
ColorsWhite, black, red, tan, cream, red merle, blue merle, bi-color, tri-color
Puppy Price$800 – $4,000 USD
Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Dog Breed Overview

Temperament of Australian Pyrenees:

Since the Australian Pyrenees is a crossbreed, you can get a general idea of ​​its personality by looking at its parents. Usually, this breed has good traits from both parents. The Great Pyrenees is an intelligent, patient and loyal breed.

They are very calm, but not afraid to act if they are scared. The Great Pyrenees is a working dog breed that used to have many different jobs, including herding sheep, sled dogs, and pulling vehicles. They are very intelligent but difficult to train because of their unique personalities.

However, training these dogs is important because they grow in size, and building obedience as they get older is tougher and tougher. The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog that has been considered a purebred working dog for over a century.

It wasn’t until the mid-20s that the breed became popular in rodeos and horse shows, eventually making the Aussie a more common breed. Australian Shepherds are known to be intelligent, loyal and protective dogs.

Although they are now kept as pets, they still retain their herding instincts, which can be seen in their attempts to feed children or other household pets. They are very active and can be damaged if they don’t get enough exercise.  You can make some important assumptions about the breed now that you know what Australia’s Pyrenees heritage is all about.

They are Loving, honest and caring. They make excellent guard dogs but also enjoy being with people. If you like to socialize with them when they are young, they may be very friendly and sociable. Australian Pyrenees dogs can be aggressive, but this aggression can be controlled with training.

Are Australian Pyrenees Good Family Dogs?

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian Pyrenees dogs make great family pets, but you need to be careful if you have small children. They are great with children and make wonderful playmates, but they require proper training.

This is a large dog and can easily injure children. You may want to consider delaying adopting an Australian Pyrenees until your child is older and knows the boundaries of how to respect and treat a family pet.

Are Australian Pyrenees Good With Other Pets?

With proper training, Australian Pyrenees dogs can get along well with other pets. If they are raised to see other animals in the family as family members, they will love and protect those animals as they love their human family.

 Because this breed has a feeding instinct, you may find yourself trying to feed other pets in your home. You should introduce your Australian Pyrenees dog to other animals in your household. If possible, it’s best to introduce them at a young age.

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

Food and Diet Requirements of Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherds Mix:

The Australian Pyrenees need high-quality food to grow and thrive. Since this is a large dog, your vet will recommend that you try to feed him a diet that contains 30% high-quality protein and 9% fat on a dry matter basis. Large-breed dogs grow faster and last longer than small-breed dogs.

This rapid growth means that the Australian Pyrenees may be vulnerable to food and calcium imbalances and deficiencies. Eating too much during childhood can cause growth, and your child is at risk of osteochondrosis and hip dysplasia.

 Dog food specially formulated for large breed dogs is the best way to prevent this type of disease because it is low in fat, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, which promotes healthy growth at the right rate. Large-breed dogs are at risk for many diseases, many of which are influenced by diet. Be prepared to monitor your dog for signs of this disease and talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions about the food you should give your pet..

Exercise Needs Of Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix:

Australian Pyrenees

When you adopt an Australian Pyrenees, you should be willing to set aside time each day to take your dog outside to burn off some energy. This breed has a lot of energy, and proper exercise can prevent bad behavior.

 Remember, both parent breeds are herding dogs, so your Australian Pyrenees need work and walks all day. Try to exercise for two hours a day, whether it’s walking, hiking, or walking. These dogs do well in rural areas where they can roam outdoors to their heart’s content. Of course, you have to train yourself not to stray too far.

How to Train a Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherds Mix?

This breed is intelligent and requires little time and patience to train. That said, they are also independent thinkers, stubborn and difficult to train. If possible, it is best to start training them when they are young so that they can develop good behavior from a young age.

You need to put a lot of effort into training your Australian Pyrenees dog. Without proper training, they can be very dangerous and overpowered. If you find that you can’t manage it, consider hiring an experienced coach to help you get started.

Grooming Needs of Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix:

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

The Australian Pyrenees have a medium to long double coat that can shed a lot if not properly cared for. You may want to brush him a few times a week to keep his fur from shedding. If you don’t take good care of their fur, it will become tangled and out of control quickly. Be prepared to lose. Regular grooming will help reduce shedding in your Australian Pyrenees, but if you have this type of dog at home, you will always have problems with dog hair.

Investing in a quality pet vacuum can help remove some of the fumes that circulate in your home. Do not shave this type to reduce the frequency of grooming. Although the coat is thick, it is not very hot, so it is good to shave occasionally, but shaving is not recommended.

Common Health Problems of Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix:

Although this breed looks healthy, there are certain health conditions that you should know before adopting an Australian Pyrenees dog. Since this is a large dog, he may suffer from some health problems unlike smaller dogs.

  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a common condition in large dogs where the ball and socket of the hip joint is misaligned. This can cause severe pain when moving. You can reduce your dog’s risk of developing this disease by making sure he gets enough exercise and exercise every day.
  • Obesity: Obesity is a serious health problem for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Being just 10 percent overweight can cut a dog’s lifespan by a third, not to mention making them vulnerable to a host of health problems, including heart disease and cancer. Fortunately, obesity is a preventable disease.
  • Bloat: Swelling is a common but serious disease that can be fatal. This condition can affect dogs of any size but is more common in larger breeds. Bloating occurs when a dog’s stomach fills with water, food, or air and becomes distended. This expansion can put pressure on other organs, reduce blood flow to the heart, or damage the abdominal wall.


Are Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix dogs rare?

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix dogs are not common, but they are not rare. The severity of the disease varies depending on location and growing conditions, but is not as common as other hybrids.

Are Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix good dogs?

Yes, it’s a great dog. Their characteristics often combine the loyalty of the Great Pyrenees with the intelligence of an Australian Shepherd, making them ideal partners for proper training and companionship.

Do Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix bark a lot?

They may bark differently, but in general, both the Great Pyrenees and the Australian Shepherd are known to be vocal breeds. The combination of the two may thus be susceptible to barking, in particular if it has not been taught and nurtured before this behaviour is managed.

Do Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mixes Shed a Lot?

The double coat of the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd is high maintenance, so it sheds regularly. Brushing the hair regularly is recommended to prevent hair loss and frizz.


The Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix is ​​a great dog for owners who are willing to spend time and effort training and exercising their animals. They are great pets because not only do they help feed your pets, but they also thrive in an environment where they can run and play to their heart’s content.

This breed of dog needs a lot of human companionship and does not like to be left alone for long periods. They are very friendly and loyal to their families and are very good at protecting if any stranger’s approach to your home.

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