Telomian Dog Breed Guide with Pictures

telomian dog breed

Telomian is a favorite breed from Malaysia. Telomian Dog is usually 14 to 16 inches long and weighs 17 to 20 pounds, which is why it is so popular. Telomian has a sickle-shaped tail that divides the outer corners.

What they like is their experience. The Telomian is a wild-looking animal that lives in the jungles of Malaysia. It is used to kill pests, especially to keep rodents away from homes and food. They just roam around the village.

The Telomian breed is rare outside of Malaysia, but they can make great pets for active families, providing the mental stimulation and activity they need. Their fascinating history and unique appearance make them an attractive breed for dog lovers.

History of Telomian Dog:

telomian dog

The Telomian Dog is an interesting breed that originated in Malaysia. Their experiences go back centuries and are preserved by the people of Jah Cabin. The Tyromeans lived a wild life in the desert and in the cities and were prized for their ability to hunt and control insects such as rats.

The beginning of this complex drama is somewhat ambiguous and is thought to have been created through a long series of random decisions and human mediation. Their name probably comes from the city in Malaysia where Westerners first encountered them.

In the 2000s, Marie Wilkinson and Edward Wilkinson found the Telomian in Malaysia and brought it back to America. This seems to be the first contact with the Western world.

Despite efforts to promote and protect the breed, Telomian dogs are still difficult to find outside of Malaysia and are not recognized by major pet hotel clubs. Their recent history as wild dogs has increased their image and interest among dog enthusiasts.

Some Quick Facts about Telomian Dog Breed:

  • It is believed to have been guarded by the Jah Hut tribe
  • It is known for its ability to capture and control pests
  • It is a rare species outside of Malaysia

Telomian Dog Breed Overview & Appearance:

telomian dog

His tongue is blue or dark, like a Chow Chow. Tan and white, black and white, sable and white are the most common colors. Can be covered in black. Most people seem to have more confidence in the Telomian, which is less clean and has more samples. He is very athletic for his small to medium size.

Its height at the withers is between 15 and 19 inches, and its weight is between 18 and 28 pounds. Because the Telomians are an interesting race, no definitive breed standard has been established. The number of dogs in a breed is not enough to create a true breed, therefore, the overall appearance may vary. The shape and sharpness of his head resemble that of the Basenji, but that is where the similarities end, as the Telomians are a different breed.

Height15 to 18 inches
Weight18 to 20 pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 Years
TemperamentSocial, Protective, Hardworking, Curious, Hyper-active, Alert, Playful, Affectionate, and Highly intelligent
Litter SizeAbout 5 to 8 puppies
SizeSmall to medium-sized 
ColorsAny variation of sable, often with white patches or black “masks” around the eyes, blue-black tongue
CoatShort, sleek, and dense
Puppy PriceUSD $1,200 – $1,500
Telomian Dog Breed Overview

Temperament of Telomian Dog Breed:

Telomian is very intelligent. He likes to run and has a great thirst for food. Games that require him to use his intelligence and strength are his favorite moments. He also likes cognitive games or toys that make him think. Keep in mind that Telomian is not like most dogs, so it needs more preparation and socialization from the beginning.

He does not like families with young children, but older children who respect him and can handle him well will live well with him. Telomian cats do not bark, but they have a unique sound. His voice is similar to that of a Basenji or New Guinea Singing Dog. It’s not like he doesn’t understand barking, considering he grew up with some barking dogs. Considering that he is a noble dog, he doesn’t understand barking like his habits.

Are Telomian Good Family Dogs?

telomian dog

Telomian dogs are adorable and love to play with children because they were bred to be close to their families. However, as a dog with great predatory potential like the Terrier, it is wise to provide the Telomian with proper socialization with children. Children often get angry when they are exposed to them, and so it is

Telomians can make excellent family dogs, but due to their unique temperament and requirements, they may not be the best for every family.

For families that are willing to pay attention to socializing, preparing well, and exercising physically and mentally, the Thelomean can become a beloved and faithful relative. Although, due to the specific nature and defined needs, it may be better for families with experience in working with dogs, or for those who have time to think and fulfill their requirements.

Are Telomian Dogs Good with Other Pets?

Little is known about how Telomians get along with other dogs, but considering that they are similar to terriers, early socialization is the foundation of family life. 

Despite their small size, many small hunting dogs have a wide range of vision. To prevent aggressive or socially destructive patterns, familiarize your Telomian with different dogs in a controlled environment. The preparation will also help them to take their role in the family. 

However, we know that tourists have a great appetite for food. If it is not a serious problem, be careful when introducing your dog to the cat, never let it be around small animals without help.

Food and Diet Requirements of Telomian Dog Breed:


First of all, remember that feeding your dog means giving him all the opportunities he needs to grow well and build strong muscles and bones. However, these are also basic steps if you don’t expect your dog to gain weight or experience travel or digestive problems…so these are just the signs of his health.

Regardless of breed or weight, your dog’s diet should be balanced and rich in protein, nutrients, minerals, and other supplements to help him develop properly.

Here are the main supplements your Telomian dog needs:

  • Protein is needed for the growth of tissues, organs, and muscles as well as immunity. Protein is the best, it should be more than 25%. 
  • Glucids also contribute to the healthy development of your Telomian dog. There are many grains in it. 
  • Essential fatty acids are necessary for the development of the nervous system and immunity. As an energy source, it should precede carbohydrates. There is no doubt that unsaturated fats are good to eat and provide nutrition. 
  • Of course, magnesium and vitamins in bones will help the Telomian to grow healthy.

Exercise Needs of Telomian Dog:

Although the Telomian dogs are small in appearance, on closer inspection you will think that they are more “small”. They are full of energy and very athletic, their dogs are strong regardless of the light. 

Daily opportunities for outdoor exercise are important for Telomian dogs, and when it comes to these active guard dogs, the more the better! They may participate in many dog ​​games, such as agility courses, and enjoy long walks with their loved ones. 

The Telomian’s high activity and hunting drive keep the Telomian out of town or for owners who spend some time outdoors. A Telomian doesn’t have time to collect or have important work to do, which can be tiresome and go on and on.

How to Train Telomian Dog Breed:

Telomian’s dog was excited, but it wasn’t easy to prepare. Even if they want to have fun, they will get in trouble. First-time homeowners may be in trouble. 

However, they are not terriers, these little terriers are special because they have a lot of drive. A good leader knows how to speak well and convey the Telomian’s powerful energy. Giving up your homework is a great way to prevent them from burning out and developing bad social behavior patterns. Training them can provide the mental and physical stimulation they need as they are active children.

malaysian dog breed

Start socializing with your Telomian dog early. Focus on opening them up to different people, creatures, environments and events to help them become more flexible and comfortable in different situations.

Make sure your planning and ordering strategy is strong. Use the same symbols to explain the behavior and make sure all family members are using predictable commands to avoid confusion.

In short, training the telomian with patience, consistency, and good judgment is due to its intelligent and unique nature. Early networking, encouraging feedback, and writing are key to developing a good, positive relationship.

Through perseverance and perseverance, Telomian people can become reliable and well-prepared family members, thriving in an environment that allows them to exercise the authority of spirituality, common activities, and daily habits.

Grooming Needs of Telomian Dog Breed:

The Telomian dog has two types of coat: one with short hair and bristles, the other with short hair and smooth hair. Both types require a lot of grooming, but Wire-Coated Telomean can benefit from occasional grooming to reduce shedding. To stay healthy, check their nails, ears, and teeth regularly. Ears should be cleaned or cleaned weekly to remove residual dirt and grime and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. 

Try to brush your dog’s teeth several times a week for better teeth and healthy teeth. We recommend that you immediately start this routine in your life and aim to get used to your Telomian. 

Eventually, however, these tough little guys may break their nails and have their nails checked and cared for every two weeks. Blocked nails can cause horrible scratches or hard nails that break.

Common Health Problems of Telomian:

As an interesting breed, there is no true picture of Telomians in terms of medical problems associated with the breed. However, like all dogs, they can suffer from some common health problems. This may include:

  1. Patellar luxation: The kneecap is difficult to dislocate, causing discomfort or discomfort.
  2. Eye problems: Many types of eye problems, such as progressive retinal atrophy or cataracts, may be more severe in some dogs.
  3. Dental problems: If dental cleanings are neglected, dental problems can occur, including periodontal disease.
  4. Skin Conditions: Allergies or skin conditions can cause hives, rashes, or infections.

Since the Telomian is a rare breed, their owners should be examined by a veterinarian for early detection of health and medical problems. The risk of genetic disease can also be reduced through responsible breeding practices. As with dogs, providing proper nutrition, standard exercise, proper grooming, and consideration for pets can improve their health and well-being. 


The Telomian is a diverse and interesting species with a recent history and unique characteristics. Their independence, intelligence, and simplicity make them wonderful companions for those who value their uniqueness.

However, their wild origins mean they require patience, early socialization, and a natural disposition. If the right family is willing to give the time and energy to care for the Telomian, this dog can become a loyal, loving, and fulfilling family member.

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