Greek Harehound Dog Breed Ultimate Guide

Greek Harehound Dog Breed

The Greek Harehound is energetic, decisive, and optimistic. These dogs are smart and fearless hunters with a strong sense of smell and endurance. Their movements are at a higher level, requiring a more casual style and a wider range of motion. Greek Rabbit Dogs also give well to their owners and make good family pets, although they are more suited to older children.

History of Greek Harehound Dog Breed:

The Greek dog has been around for thousands of years and is thought to have originated from the Laconic Cairns, a scent hound from southern Greece. Many of his experiences are invalid and he is not sure how this ancient race started. He is known to have been published in ancient works throughout southern Greece.

Since the rocky areas of Greece are its birthplace, the Greek dog has retained its pure characteristics. Ancient Greece colonized the Balkans, and Greek dogs followed closely, untouched by foreign dogs. When sea travel became common, Greek dogs began to travel with Greeks throughout Europe.

greek rabbit dogs

This allowed the Greek dog to spread throughout Europe. Many other scent hounds originated in Europe, including the Greek hounds of their family. It is widely used to scent and track rabbits and other wild animals. The hunter found him valuable in watching our little game in the dense brush.

In 1996, the League Cynologique Internationale (FCI) formally acknowledged the Hellenic Dog. He was the principal Greek variety to be perceived by the FCI. The Hellenic Dog was perceived by the United Kennel Club in 2006, permitting him to take part in all UKC-endorsed occasions. In 2009, the UKC updated the variety standard from its initially adjusted rendition.

There are too many registerable Hellenic Dogs situated inside the US for them to accomplish enlistment status with the American Kennel Club (AKC). He is viewed as an uncommon variety all through the world, particularly in the US and Canada. In his local Greece, he is an extremely well-known hunting dog and friend.

Some Quick Facts about Greek Harehound:

  • Greek Dogs are Ancient
  • Greek Dogs were maybe the first scenthounds
  • First Greek Dog FCI Accreditation

Greek Harehound Dog Breed Overview & Appearance:

greek hound images

The Hellenic Dog is a medium-sized fragrance dog. He is a run-of-the-mill fragrance dog worked for hunting with a more drawn-out body than he is tall, with tight-fitting skin. His head is a regular dog head that is respectable and never weighty or coarse like a Dog. His ears hang next to his cheek and falsehood level. The tips ought to be adjusted and never sharp. His nose is wide with open nostrils and is dark.

It is a Greek dog-sized figure with a dark earthy appearance and an oval shape. His character is lively and intelligent. The fur is short and thick, dark and brown. The skin color will be very dark with many brown marks, not too many, and not light in color. Any variety other than dark and brown won’t cut it. Small white areas of the chest are acceptable.

Height47 to 55 cm
Weight17 to 20 kgs
Lifespan10 to 14 Years
TemperamentDependable,Bave,Friendly,Outgoing,Affectionate,Lively and Confident
Litter SizeUp to 8 puppies
GroupFCI Group 6
ColorsBlack, tan
CoatShort Hair
Puppy Price$1,000 to $3,000 USD
Greek Harehound Dog Breed Overview

Temperament of Greek Harehound:

This is a powerful and intelligent species. When he follows, he may be surprised. Greek dogs are very active and love to play. He is very strong and takes care of small animals. We want him to be happy as a hunting dog first and a friend second. He has to accomplish something important every day, otherwise he gets bored and tries to intimidate.

Although he was a calm dog when he came home from hunting, without family guidance he became a problem dog. This can maintain local awareness and sound the alarm when outsiders approach. This is the best guard dog. In general, he likes children who respect him, but he may not like small children who invade his space and disrespect him.

Are Greek Harehound Good Family Dogs?

greek hound

Of course, these dogs are usually free and they prefer to live with other dogs and explore nature freely, smelling their scents along the way. His job was to accompany people, sometimes on horseback, hunting Rabbits and large animals.

Don’t be surprised if you survive these quick claws and get unexpected discounts after a trip to the wild. This lively and loving family loves to play for long periods. Crazy behaviors and movements will help you control your dog.

Are Greek Harehound Good with Other Pets?

Yes, Greek Hound compatibility with other pets may vary. Some will get along well with other animals, while others may have more of a hunting ability and may not be friendly with small animals. It’s always a good idea to include them and monitor their interactions to keep everyone happy. 

Food and Diet Requirements of Greek Harehound:

When the Greek Bracke is used for hunting, it can escape at great distances. The power is strong if needed. However, you cannot just give your dog food. This causes him to suffer from digestive problems. He needs a lot of protein as a supplier of muscle and fat.

You can give him a portion of the best dog food. You can also use high-protein foods and add good fats and minerals.

However, your dog should rest after treatment. Give him a chance to rest for one to two hours. Give him a smaller portion of the daily routine during breaks before and after work. In any case, your Greek Brac should drink plenty of water.

Exercise Needs of Greek Harehound:

Because of the sporting/hunting nature of the Greek Rabbit Dog, it requires regular exercise. Daily walking, exercise, or exercise is essential to keep this breed well cared for. Greek Harriers are very strong and patient, with high energy levels.

This breed requires a lot of daily exercises, including less than an hour of vigorous exercise. These dogs do not fit well in small homes or apartments because they have no outside space to run around.

How to Train Greek Harehound?

greek harehound dog breed

Greek Rabbit Dog training is very important for this special dog. These dogs were bred for their hunting ability and required special training to make them effective at hunting. This article provides a chart of the techniques involved in preparing a Greek Harrier, including calm obedience, tracking and scenting, and hunting. He also understands the meaning of partnership and management standards for this sector.

Obedience Training:

Obedience training is an important part of training a Greek Rabbit Dog. It is important to show your dog basic commands such as sit, sit, come and follow. This will help them understand and listen to your commands and improve their followers. It’s important to train your dog to respond to whistles, as this can be useful while in the wild.

Encouraging feedback is the most effective way to train your dog. This includes giving a treat or treat when your dog obeys a command. This will help them understand what you need to do and have the ability to listen to your commands now. It is also important to predict your schedule and use the same order each time.

Tracking and Scent Work:

greek harehound dog

Tracking and sniffing are a big part of the Greek Rabbit Dog’s training. These dogs have an excellent sense of smell and are used to hunting for game in the forest. Preparing them to use their noses properly will help them become better hunters.

To begin to establish a scent, you need to start by helping your dog to follow the indoor scent trail. You can trace a scent trail to a piece of clothing or clothing and your dog will follow it. Your dog can follow scent trails indoors, and you can take him outside and help him track his game.

When your dog completes a scent trail or trail game, it’s important to reward him. This way they know that they are always solving problems and rethinking the problem.


Hunting is an important part of the Greek Rabbit Queen’s routine. These dogs were bred for their hunting abilities and must be trained to be hunters. You should start by showing your dog hunting commands, such as “sit” and “come.” You also need to help them maintain a peaceful mind in the wild and understand the elements of their environment.

Once your dog can learn hunting commands, you can start taking him out into the wild and training him to track and chase the game. This should be done small, starting with simple games and progressing to larger games such as rabbits and foxes. You should also train your dog to follow scent trails and let you know if he finds play.

Grooming Needs of Greek Harehound:

greek harehounds

The Greek Hair Hound’s coat is short and smooth but is especially thick and requires regular brushing to remove dirt, dead hair, and loose hair. Other than that, no additional preparation is required and the need to wash these dogs as needed is minimal. As with all dogs, you should have their eyes, ears, teeth, and nails checked regularly and have their nails clipped or cleaned as needed.

Common Health Problems of Greek Harehound:

The Greek harehound has a good health record. However, because it is the dog of the island, it is more like a pet than a pet. Therefore, living in the remote mountains of Greece, he may not have thought of a strange disease or unusual condition that should be measured against the serious diseases of the species.

However, the depth of the Harrier’s chest increases the risk of belly enlargement and volvulus (GDV, also known as swelling), as well as a tendency towards swollen ears. Due to its open nature, it is good to take care of its health by using antiparasitic products, deworming, and vaccinations.

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV):

Unfortunately, dogs with deep chests have a body type that is more prone to swelling. This happens because the stomach is stuck in the body like a chair. Because food is heavy in the stomach, if the dog moves the stomach will vibrate and turn itself around..

Because there is no inlet or outlet in the stomach, the air can reach dangerous levels. The walls of the stomach are stretched and the living tissue is lost. In addition, intercourse can put too much pressure on the organ to supply it with blood, thus causing it to be destroyed.

The result is that the dog is depressed and his bowels are upset. Medical methods for quick problems, but surprisingly, at that time, recovery was not guaranteed. It is better to wait than to improve. Therefore, dogs should eat high-quality food and less fermentable food. In addition, it is better to groom the dog on the floor and not to exercise the dog after eating.

Ear Health:

Dogs are susceptible to ear infections. The reason is that earplugs reduce the flow of air into the ear canal, making it a warm, sticky area. This climate is favored by microorganisms, earworms, or fungi, which make the ear canal vulnerable to infection.

Ear infections are difficult to prevent, but detecting them early can prevent ear infections from getting worse. For dogs with ear infections, using ear cleaners can reduce the amount of debris and debris available to bacteria.

In addition, active dogs are more likely to touch foreign objects, such as grass. It is important to check the outer canine teeth after each walk and try to lift the pin to look down. Removing the grass at the entrance of the ear canal is not difficult, but if it moves down, it often requires protection to loosen it.


The Greek Harehound Dog is a rare, ancient dog that had a significant impact on the life of Greece in general. Today, the breed is prized for its intelligence, strength, and excellent scenting abilities, making it a popular hunting dog in Greece. With a lot of care and attention, the Greek Harrier can be a great companion for the right family.

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